Where Do Your Ancestors Come From? — 4 Comments

  1. Most of my ancestors came rather early to our country. The most recent was my grandfather, Otto Emil Mueller, first generation American. And all he was to think and wanted others to think was that he was American. Therefore, his insistence that Mueller( a big name name now, with, obviously, the right pronunciation) was Miller. His daughter then, was named for Marilyn Miller–a famous actress of the time. Yes Marilyn Mueller, uh, Miller.

  2. My ancestors came from Greece and Germany. Due to my mother’s closeness to her family, we were more strongly connected with our Greek relatives and cultural traditions so that is what I’d speak to here. Both of my maternal grandparents made their way to the US in extreme conditions, especially my grandmother. Yiayia and mom and siblings fled from the area of Turkey where they lived after her dentist father was murdered in front of their home. This was in a wartime between Greece and Turkey. They escaped to Greece and then began making their way to the USA to reach safe haven.

    • Those family tragedies have certainly turned into triumphs. Thank you for sharing your family’s story.