When Did You Know You Had Truly Grown Up? — 5 Comments

  1. Oh 😮 my friend, your growing up, is one of the most tender and delicious delicacies I am savoring.
    I’m priviledge to sit by your side, and partake from This Banquet Life is offering us.
    I don’t know if we have grown up yet. What I do know, is that i’ve Learned to be still, to feel THE LOVE, You my BF, have been there with me.
    with Compassion, no judgement, we have chosen to hear the whispering Innocent voices of our inner child. What a Joy and satisfying experience it is.
    Each time, whether with tears or laughter, bite by bite, drink by drink, step by step we have gotten to dance and play with Gratitude and Love, bringing the Light into the Dark. Does that qualify us as Wise Women?
    🤔 Spirit Knows best, and IT is inside of each one of us.💖

    • This is one of the many benefits of having “old” friends. They have know you for so many years they can remember who and how you used to be and be able to tell you how you have grown and changed. Thank you!

  2. The true story is that I had suggested we all wear a hat, any hat, which celebrated autumnal foliage and I was the only one who showed up. I’m funny that way.