What Would Happen If Everyone Could Just Love Each Other? — 7 Comments

  1. OKAY,LET’S DO IT! I also love super heroes, but, obviously, not as Much as you do. Your dream, though, so beautifully laid out ,is also, mine. And, once upon a time, I had a similar experience with another grid. My husband was a graphic designer who sometimes brought work projects home. But this one was too large for his little studio, which was once a solar. So, as I watched, as per usual, he unrolled an enormous sheet of graph paper, with its little squares, filling our dining room table. It was to become a graph for “a dog and pony show for the client.” How boring, I thought. I could have lived for awhile with it just as it was on the table. I was so impressed by its considerably large perfection, even purity, that I often stood over it, ignoring what was happening to it. I studied it, pondering, for the brief time I had with it. What a joy, as the ideas came. All those little boxes, all so perfectly abutted to each other. All the same, yet each one intrinsically placed so the configuration would work as a certain perfection. Not even one square could be left out or destroyed without the skewing of the rest. Each held an equal but slightly different place. Each, therefore unique, but also the same in substance and purpose and creation. Oneness at last made visible to me on my dining room table. And sooo much more, I can’t recall it all.

      • I’m inspired to hang a large plain grid poster on my wall to serve as a reminder of collective human connection. Another sweet analogy is that of a large fabric. Woven fabric. Each of us is a thread woven together in this breathable, moveable, flowing fabric. Love holds it together.

  2. By this shall men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13:35. Anything’s possible! The moment when all people love one another with open hearts, the lluison of separation begins dissolving and people become embodiment of truth and light. Wars end. Religions blend. The labels we live by are erased.

  3. I’m glad That I am a part of your grid. Just as I’m glad that you are part of mine.