What Warning Label Should Be Attached To You? — 3 Comments

  1. You leave me with much to consider and nothing to say but that I love it–and you. Because it is you! How lovely and witty. May I say, I’m sorry for my absence and happy to be back thinking again. My eligibility for SS has been renewed, and my unknown insurance policy from my dad over 50 years ago has gone far to help with my debts. How can I ever believe again that I am not like the lilies of the field–who toil not nor spin? So glad you, like me, just keep keeping on. It’s ups and downs for all of us, and we’re so brave even to dare getting up in the morning. But we do. There’s too much good to do and think. And now my understanding of those I love and who are still here despite what this world would say gains an even firmer foundation in me. Just talk to them. Things begin to happen. I love you.