What Advice Would You Give To A Student In College? — 10 Comments

  1. so wonderful Karen to take the time to express your love, care and concern for your son’s well being. Inspires me to want to write something that genuiine to my son. Your gift for written expression is quite extrordinary!!! Ty 🙏 and let the 💕 continue to unfold

    • Thanks Janie. Our loved ones are never too old or
      grown up to hear how much their parents love and respect them. Do it!!

  2. I could not say it more eloquently, to a young child of mine. It has ytaken many tears, many attempts, and many ways to reach the loving compassionate self acceptance of your MAMA BEAR’S heart to reach out and let go of that magnificent human being that is your son.
    My BF, allowing Kevin to be his best version of himself without any Judgement is, in my opinion, the best gift you can offer him at the present. ❤️ LOVE,

    • You were witness to all the ups and downs to know how essential and challenging that “letting go” is.

  3. I have four grandkids going off to college this week, two for their first year, one who’s pretty much done all his adjusting and is sailing along in his second year, and one for her last semester. I have never yet felt “been there done that felt that!.” Not even a smidgeon.

    • You showed your daughters the value of a college degree and experience and they, in turn, modeled it for their kids. You taught by example.

  4. I keep meaning to tell you that you have a great sense in choosing your art!! Another talent.

    • Thanks! That is one of my favorite pictures of him. Doing what he loves and following his passion.

  5. So, this really was something you wrote to your son? I’m curious to know what he thought of it or how he responded. I felt much of the same with my son and it really wasn’t until his senior year in college that he finally had the “college” experience. He was coming home often because he wanted/needed to get away from the girlfriend he was living with.

    • Yes. I kept some of the letters I wrote him (wish I had done the same with Daughter) in hopes one day we could discuss. Per usual, he did not have a conversation following—but his behavior changed. Less coming home, more staying at College. Each semester he grew as a student and a Man. This Mama couldn’t be prouder!