In A World Of Light And Darkness, How Do You Stay In The Light? — 8 Comments

  1. This is exactly where I am! In the process of defining my own safe place, so that I can in turn create safe places for those I work with, both staff and students. It’s like the instructions from stewardess, “place the oxygen on your own face first before trying to assist a child or anyone else.”

    As for the darkness verses the Light, I try to keep in mind, that even in the light there is a little bit of darkness. It is the shadow, that which defines the image so that we can “see” it. In order for us to see either, darkness or Light, a little bit of both must be present. With that in mind, I can take a more confident breath, knowing that all is not lost, far as long as I can see, there is hope.

    • Hope was at the bottom of Pandoras’s box, left there for us mere mortals who need its daily inspiration.

  2. In struggling with agoraphobia, safe was the first word for me to lean on, and that was decades ago–early 70’s. Since then, anything written containing the word catches me as a reader, as well, frankly, as someone hanging in there. Needless to say, I love this! Thank you, Karen.

    • Sally, the phrase “safe and sound” came to me as I read your comment. Stability comes from being grounded and centered. Like you.

  3. I’m thinking my non-techiness has taken over, but I know you’ll get my correct reply with your correct question because you’re a great techie as well as other things too numerous to mention although I can do that on the spot.
    I’m beginning to collect little lanterns and seem to see lanterns everywhere. I think we’re all lanterns, walking light, eyes held sto the revealed way as we walk it.

    • Still working on my “techiness” though I am quite skilled in “trekkiness.” SyFy nerds unite!