Do You Like to Travel and Where Have You Been? — 2 Comments

  1. Yes I have traveled mentally and physically, in my dreams, thru movies and books, and in visualizing places I still want to go. Most places I want to see are scenic land formations and habitats. I’m currently imagining a road trip with my son that will take us through the Colorado Rockies, Teton & Yellowstone National Parks and maybe even Glacier on our way to Bellingham, WA for my niece’s wedding. How to pay for such a trip even with camping along the way is always the rub. More often than not, I decide based on timing, availability of the participants, and mostly a “I better take advantage of this opportunity now because who knows when it will if ever it will present itself again!”. Credit cards can be paid off over time. Taking time with my son to be in some of the most beautiful places in our country is PRICELESS!

    • Sounds like a trip that will fill your eyes, your momma heart and your nature spirit.