Ballyvaughan, Ireland 2016

A Midwestern conservative/yet liberal, feminist/yet traditionalist, long married wife, mother of two grown children and life time writer and storyteller. My career spanned Fortune 500 corporate marketing to freelance writer to home room mom/PTA chairperson to professional storyteller. Haunted House parties featuring neighbor kids dressed as monsters and Easter Egg Hunts for 80 or more in my wooded yard were juxtaposed with teaching metaphysical thinking to adults while seeking spiritual guidance for myself from mainstream sources.

Some of my favorite questions:

If I do that, will I have fun?
If I learn that, how can I incorporate it in my life?
If I don’t want to make that difficult change for the better right now, can I do it later and have it still count?

My favorite question:

What do YOU think about…?

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