Wise Women Chronicles is an inner wisdom blog written by me—Karen Young—which grew out of my Book Club. I formed my “Book Club” (which is code for “Deep Thinking Women Who Are Hungry for Conversation, Connection & Community”) to fill my empty nest with like-minded women and feed my searching, questioning soul with their collective wisdom. Soon meeting once a month was not enough, so I began an online conversation with them by asking a thought provoking question, sharing my answer and inviting them to share theirs.

It was a safe way to open our hearts to each other. No gossip. No bad mouthing bosses or families or neighbors. By sticking to The Wise Women Question, we got to focus on and know ourselves and each other on a deeper level. By thinking about the Question, we experienced a form of self therapy. By sharing our Answers, we participated in group therapy. All in the privacy of our own homes and with no need to travel, cook or leave our families.

If you were the girl in school who waved her hand, bursting to share the answer with the class, join us. If you were the young woman who tried to become invisible during a meeting, knowing the answer but doubting yourself, join us. If you were the experienced woman who didn’t know she knew the answer until someone asked her the right question, join us. Be part of our circle of Wise Women.

Periodically I will post a new Wise Women Question, include my answer and invite you to look inside for your own answer. Once you find it—or it finds you—chronicle it through art or dance or song or music or words. Then share it or keep it in your heart. Remember, there are no wrong Answers. Just more Questions to keep you moving forward on your path.